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The study of Biorhythms is over 80 years old now, with Physical, Intellectual, and Emotional Biorhythm having been discovered along the way. There is a multitude of services and software being offered with regards to Biorhythms like biorhythm charting, readings, forecasts, the list is nearly endless. Almost all of this information is based on personal biorhythm cycles. Although I find these personal services useful, that is not what this page is about. This page is about what type of effect biorhythms have on a group of people, or a team of employees, all of who have differing biorhythmic cycles. How do Group Dynamics or Team Dynamics change when you add or remove certain members with unique properties, and why some people simply don't get along with each other, all due to Biorythmic incompatibility, as well as what one can do about it if they have to.

There is also a Free WinXP/98/ME/2000 compatible Biorhythm Calculator Software at the end of this page for you to download. The difference of this Biorhythm Software compared to other such applications is that it allows you to track and compare 15 individuals, and gives you a quick overview of who is compatible with home, and in which respect.
As a team building exercise, enter all members of a team of employees into the software and look at who is compatible with whom. One of the team building activities you could do is described below, which is to insert a bridge into a group if you notice that there are two definite groups forming that are not communicating well. You will quickly learn that enabling efficient teamwork is not a matter of accident, but a question of design and careful planning.

My interest in biorhythms goes back about four years now, and I have been doing a considerable amount of private research on this topic. My main interest is the study of human behavior within a group, and group and team dynamics in general. As a programmer, I find myself frequently working in small teams, and I find it interesting to see how the individual members relate to each other.

When we look at human beings and their behavior to each other, several factors dictate what the final outcome will be. One of these factors is how well these people communicate with each other. We all assume that people are always the same. Of course, those of us who believe in the concept of biorhythms know that parts of our bodies change on a regular basis. We have sufficient research at this point that these cycles are real, start the day we are born (which by the way is strange, as it should really be the day we were conceived), and depending on these cycles, our physical, emotional and intellectual abilities go from highs to lows and back to highs very predictably.
From that, it follows that people who have matching cycles will get along better than people who have mismatched cycles, as when one person is up and the other is down, over the long run this will lead to friction and misunderstandings. The way I explain the intellectual compatibility between to people is to use people under the influence of alcohol as an example. Two people who are sober can communicate perfectly well. Two people who are drunk can communicate perfectly well also, though it is often humorous to the more sober people. On the other hand, one person who is drunk and one person that is sober just cannot communicate satisfactorily for both parties. Friction develops very quickly because the drunk person just doesn't get what the sober person is telling him or her, and the some goes the other way. We assume that this is the fault of the drunk person because they don't have the mental capacity to think at this point. I disagree. I think the reason they cannot communicate is because they are talking from two different states of mind, and a different set of references to establish a common context.

I believe that biorhythms operate exactly the same way. If one person is in their intellectual high cycle and one is in their intellectual low cycle, communication is flawed, and the more complicated the topic, the worse the experience gets. The person in their intellectual high cycle (A) will grasp connections and concepts at a rate that the one in the low cycle (B) is simply not able to match. Person A will quickly become aware of this and become impatient with Person B's obvious slowness. Person B will also become upset, with him or herself, and with Person A. Person A just can't slow down, and Person B just can't speed up. This will lead to conflict, strife, and eventually to a dysfunctional team. Now, what if we could introduce one or more people with the skill to understand concepts well to 'translate' them between Person A and Person B? If you talk in terms of biorhythms, these people would have to be between the cycles of Person A and Person B. I like to refer to these individuals are a bridge.

Team Building Exercise

So, let's say that we have these two experts that are both incredibly smart, both experts in their fields, and we want them to work together, but, comparing their biorhythmic curves, we know they are completely incompatible with each other. What if we threw two more people into the team, people who have sufficient understanding of the concepts to communicate them, but are not at the level of the Experts in thinking up new concepts. We must ensure that, throughout the cycle, whenever Expert A is high and Expert B is low, one of the two other members are between them, maybe each 'bridge' closer to one of the Experts. Now we have the necessary buffering between the Experts at any time in the cycle, we avoid friction, and we allow whichever Expert is on their low cycle to still continue communicating with the rest of the team.
The same holds true for the other curves, especially the emotional one. In a group of friends that is emotionally unmatched, you will have some members that are feeling great, and others that are feeling poor at any one time. Get two groups like that together, and you won't have a group for very long. On the other hand, throw in some people who are in between, that can relate to both sides will avoid much of the aggression caused by either group making statements on how they feel. Remove those individuals, and suddenly conflict will arise.

So remember, teamwork is not an accident, it is careful planning. That's why it's called Team Building.

Please proceed to download Your Free Biorhythm Calculator Software and start your Team Building exercises.
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